Create your own cute space with Zappie!

Wow  – What an amazing transformation!

Many customers and bloggers have sent in pictures of how Zappie has transformed their nursery’s and playrooms – but one of the best examples has been created by a member of the Zappie sales team themselves..

Get the look for your own nursery today!

Zappie Twinkle Example (640x452)


(Created using 1 large and 1 small Twinkle Star Wall Sticker)

Family Four Fun review Zappie

The charming Family Four Fun blog has just run a review of Zappie stickers (and a mention of the cards too).

They said: “(The children) were both delighted as they held the iPad over the scene and watched their favourite nursery rhyme being sung. … they were just amazed by their magic walls and songs – in fact Fifi loves ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ so much she is singing it herself now.”

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Family Four Fun review

More great reviews for Zappie!

We’ve had so many great reviews in the last couple of months that it’s difficult to keep up! Here are a few more that all seem to be of the same opinion … Zappie stickers and the idea of the nursery rhyme app are brilliant!

Over40andamumtoone says: “I really like the idea of these stickers, they offer something a little bit different and Monkey likes the added video element.”


Madhouse Family Reviews commented: “The Madhouse Mini-testers loved pointing the iPad at the wall  and using the stickers to select the nursery rhyme. They also enjoyed singing along with them. It’s a lovely idea and, as the app is totally free to download, you can go and have a play to see what you think before checking out the accompanying products. Star rating : 4.5/5″

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Berice Baby said: “The interactive side of it is extremely fun & Hayden didn’t get bored once … you can move the stickers around as you please – amazing quality. I love the fact that they can be stuck anywhere including on clothes. The ladies voice who sings is very nice and relaxing nothing too fancy either. Stars 5/5″

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Five stars for Zappie!

The fabulous ET Speaks From Home blog has rated Zappie a full five stars!

ET says: “I would highly recommend them to any parents!  They are fun, unique and interactive!  Both of my children love the ideas and music!  They are totally fascinated and want to sing and watch!  I rate this innovative product 5 stars out of 5.”

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zappie stars

Zappie makes Guardian’s “Best Andriod Apps for Kids 2013″ Shortlist

Yippee! – it’s great news for the team here that the Guardian Online magazine has included the Zappie Rhymes App in its ‘Best Android Apps for Kids in 2013′ shortlist, strong recognition indeed particularly as other apps on the list include Disney’s Toy Story, Despicable Me &  Toca Hair Salon- all of which have been around for a while now.

Review the full list at:


Great reviews of Zappie App and Products continue to come in..!

Now that word is out about Zappie – the world’s first augmented reality app which brings children’s walls to life – great reviews from mums all over the UK continue to come in.

Mama Mummy Mum says: “I wouldn’t hesistate in recommending this app to parents with younger children, it was a unique way of bringing those classic nursery rhymes to life and provided hours of entertainment for my children”.

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All Zappie videos now live on YouTube

After applying the final touches, all Zappie videos are now available on our YouTube channel – ‘Zappie Nursery Rhymes’, so you can now watch all the videos, create your own playlists and share the ones you most like with all of your friends.

Plus you can now see how best to apply the cute Zappie heat transfers to t-shirts, bibs, cushions and more – a first for augmented reality showing how to augment/bring your children’s clothes to life.



Zappie starts to amaze little ones..

There’s just something special about how kids react to seeing new and amazing things – and so far Zappie has managed to do just that judging by the overwhelmingly positive response we have had here at Zappie HQ from both customers and independent reviewers alike.

Watch the video below to see what we mean and read the full review at

Check out this link – its so cute!

Zappie Goes Live!


Zappie is now live and ready for ‘zapping’ to commence!

Phew!, after a busy summer here at Zappie HQ – is now live and ready for everyone to have some fun with – yippee!!
All of our really fun and colourful nursery rhyme videos are now available on our website and on YouTube, whilst the majority of our product range (bar a few styles and sizes of wall stickers) are also now available for purchase online.

You can now start to amaze your little ones with Zappie and bring real colour, cuteness and inter-activeness into their bedrooms and playrooms through various products ranging from cheeky Monkey designed wall stickers through to adorable little duck transfers – all of which magically launch the nursery rhyme through the Zappie app.

The Zappie team will keep you informed as more designs come through and videos go live but for now enjoy all that Zappie has to offer and watch and enjoy Zappie in action.

A big thanks also from the Zappie team for all of your support so far and please do continue to share your likes, stories, pics and comments with us so we can continue to amaze and create fun for all.