Nursery Rhymes

Five little monkeys

1---Portfolio-Five-MonkeysWatch these cheeky little monkeys who just won’t stop jumping on the bed – no matter how many times they keep falling off and bumping their little heads. Naughty little monkeys!

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I’m a little teapot

3---Portfolio-Im-a-TeapotPrepare to have your own little tea party – singing and dancing along with this cute little teapot. Just remember to do the teapot dance before enjoying those delicious cakes!

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Five little ducks

2---Portfolio-DucksWatch and count these adorable little ducks as they waddle off over the hill and far away, only to be called back by their mummy and daddy each time.

Quack, quack, quack!

Wheels on the bus

8---Portfolio-BusBeep, beep, beep!

Sing along as this big red bus drives its happy set of passengers through the English countryside.

Row row row your boat

6---Portfolio-Row-Row-RowWatch this nursery rhyme come to life in a bright and colourful way, with quite possibly the cutest little dog falling into the water.

Remember to sing along and prepare yourselves for the crocodile scream!

Old MacDonald had a farm

4---Portfolio-old-MacDonaldSee how many farm animals you can spot as you enjoy this nursery rhyme video and try to make the same funny noises these animals make.

Oink, oink!

Twinkle twinkle little star

7---Portfolio-Twinkle-TwinkleWatch this magical nursery rhyme brought to life with the cutest little star and baby owl as they become best friends in the night sky.

Once I caught a fish alive

5---Portfolio-Fish-aliveTime to count in these tropical little fish as they swim and jump around in this bright and colourful nursery rhyme video.

Our aim at Zappie has been to keep traditional English words, accents and melodies alive, whilst incorporating real instruments as well as fun and cute characters to help children as part of their learning, development and play. All of our nursery rhymes have been composed and produced with the help of our partner in this space ICMUS – Independent Children’s Music & whilst our animations have all been produced with the support of Toonz Animations.